Choosing Your Guitar

Choosing Your Guitar

Choosing the correct guitar for you is fundamental to getting the most out of your lessons and practice time. Again, there are certain pointers to help you chose the right instrument:

a.) The, “Action” of a guitar is the height that the strings have been set above the fretboard. Cheap guitars are prone to having very high, “Actions” and consequently can be very challenging to play! So, before you purchase a guitar size, be sure to check out the Action!

b.) Young beginners will be better with a half or three quarter size guitar (depending upon their size and age) and choosing one with nylon versus steel strings can be a wise choice for these students.

c.) To the layman, guitars can all look very similar, and so it can be challenging to know exactly which one to choose. So, unless you are confident enough to make the right choice for you or your child it may be better to ” hold off” on making a purchase until you have had a chance to get some advice from a guitar teacher.

I’d be delighted to give advice on your purchase.

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These online articles only scratch the surface of the topics listed, and I will be delighted to develop them and go into more detail during the course of your guitar lessons. I’m also happy to give you more advice and answer any questions you may have, during our initial chat about lessons.

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